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“ NABL Accredited Calibration Laboratory : Facilities at Permanent Laboratory as well as Site”
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Analytical Instruments Calibration

Sophisticated Analytical Instruments Calibration:

Analytical Instruments Calibration

Unique Services in the

UV-Visible spectrophotometer (control of absorbance, control of wavelength and stray light), flame photometer, ELISA, GC (oven, gas flow, detector response), AAS (with copper and copper lamp, metal wise linearity)


pH meter (7.0, 4.0 & 9.0), conductivity meter, TDS meter, karl fischer titrator(volume of burette, factor for KF reagent), viscometers(brookefiled, stormer, fordcup, U-tube), bomb calorimeter (temperature and flow), FTIR, Turbidity meter, refractometer, polarimeter, potentiometer, colorimeter